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Transportation Insurance

The commercial transportation industry covers a lot of ground—and air and water. With constant movement of large-scale vehicles comes constant large-scale risks. Transportation owners have so many logistics to take care of and need to work with insurance professionals who have specialty knowledge of their specific industry.

Transportation Insurance

We help our clients succeed by defining , designing and delivering innovative transportation industry-specific solutions that help them effectively manage their transportation risk. Design solutions based on a data analytics-drive approach to support decision making.

Our team is well versed in the evolving requirements of the federal government fillings , freight brokers, all cargo and commercial freight carriers. AGB Insurance represent all major carriers and its products with professionalism, integrity, product knowledge, financial accountability and excellent customer service. We understand the needs from fleet owners to owner-operators for a low-cost coverage that protects their business in a very competitive industry.​



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Commercial vehicles, products and employees are constantly on the move. In fact, motor vehicles transport goods and people more than 2.9 billion miles on the road, each year.1 Whether you are  a manufacturer or a wholesaler/distributor delivering products via your own fleet of commercial vehicles, an over-the-road trucker carrying cargo across the country for others, or a limousine service delivering your passengers to their destination, you need an insurer whose deep transportation expertise can keep you on the road.

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